For cryptocurrency to truly make a global impact, there needs to be a stable digital currency that even governments can use and trust.

It’s our mission to create the first true asset-backed digital cryptocurrency: a global currency that is 100% backed by over $5 billion USD of sustainable old-growth forestry assets and a further 100 metric tons of unencumbered gold assets registered through the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).

It will be traded on its own proprietary exchange platform and has no fixed cap of circulation, allowing more Carbon Dollar X to be issued as more Carbon Credits are deposited: similar to the functioning of the gold standard.


10-100x Faster

The throughput of Carbon Dollar X’s distributed ledger technology equates to hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, regardless of the distance of the parties partaking in these transactions.

This is not only between ten and a hundred times faster than that of Visa or MasterCard, but outranks the throughput of Bitcoin which is limited to between three and seven transactions per second.

It takes a few seconds or even fractions of a second to issue cryptographic proof that the transaction has been assigned an order to which be processed by the ledger community and that it will go through with certainty to such extent that the cryptographic proof would hold up as evidence in court.

Strongest Security
The distributed ledger technology is considered to be “Byzantine Fault-Tolerant” in an asynchronous sense, or otherwise known as “Asynchronous Byzantine”.

This is not only the strongest level of security, but parallels that of the gold standard due to the level of strength in distributed ledger technology’s math proofs. Its Byzantine status allows the Carbon Dollar X distributed ledger technology to keep getting consensus throughout its community whereas its asynchronicity prevents malicious DDoS attacks: threats seeking to send a server a large number of requests requiring intensive handling of resources and processing which inevitably shuts it down from overload.

Fair Technology
The distributed ledger technology’s fair ordering is going to allow all transactions to enter the community as fast as possible and be credited for the transaction as soon as most of the community has recognized it.

Ordering on the Carbon Dollar X’s distributed ledger technology will be established by when each transaction reaches most of the community as that will also establish its designated timestamp. With this new fairness rule introduced, no individual or organization can influence the processing speed of their transaction: whichever transaction reaches the community first, be it for one Carbon Dollar X (1 CDX) or one million Carbon Dollar X (1’000’000 CDX), will be ordered and timestamped first to such that they are validly held in court.

Ian Percy

Ian Percy

Chief Executive Officer

An Organizational Psychologist by formal education, Ian is widely regarded as a possibility expert. His clients and colleagues frequently refer to and access his uncanny ability to see game-changing possibilities others don’t see and turn them into profitable new realities.

Ian’s been an entrepreneur since undergraduate days launching his first company in 1971. He focused on the healthcare sector, and hospitals specifically, resulting in a sterling reputation across his native Canada. This early work involved some of the most renowned transformations in the healthcare scene including the founding of the first ever program designed to teach physicians how to be medical school Deans and Department Heads.

Over time his consulting work expanded into a wide variety of industries globally and across North America including technology companies, government ministries, professional services, education, manufacturing, finance and insurance, agriculture and retail operations. Major companies such as KPMG, Royal Bank of Canada and UNIFI Insurance retained his services for well over ten years. Year after year he was able to expand their thinking to see the opportunities all around them.

Not only is he able to unify people and focus them on their highest possibilities, he is a gifted corporate speaker having spoken to senior corporate audiences around the world. This rare ability led to the honor of being inducted into both the USA and Canadian Speaker Halls of Fame. Successful Meetings magazine declared him “One of the top 21 speakers for the 21st century.”

Ian founded a company with access to a software technology capable of ensuring fault-free software source code. Faulty software is an almost incalculable expense for world businesses. This technology is still in development.

Ian admits to having low tolerance for incremental change. There are such enormous possibilities available to us, he insists. As one colleague put it, “Ian is a possibility magnet!” He’s also written seven books and contributes frequently to various professional blogs and newsletters.

Ian and his wife Georgia live in Scottsdale, Arizona and hold dual citizenship.

Douglas Johnson

Douglas Johnson

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Douglas Johnson has proved himself an exceptional senior executive with diverse business development, program management, operations management and strategy development experience.  He has repeatedly led the development and implementation of complex turnaround and new business strategies.  Although it’s difficult to put over 30 years of working at the highest levels or corporate America into a short bio, some of Mr. Johnson’s experience is displayed competency below.

As a Senior Consultant on the staff of the Westinghouse Vice President of Corporate Planning, Mr. Johnson was responsible for review and analysis of major investment programs, including acquisitions, with recommendations for corporate action.  He also served as advisor to Business Units for long range strategic plan development.

Mr. Johnson was also the Manufacturing Manager of Westinghouse Elevator.  He managed Three plants with over 1200 employees producing Elevators, Escalators, and Components. These employees were both Union and Non-Union. He maintained production and increased output of key products while initiating closure of largest, oldest plant, transferring products and significantly increasing volume at the newest plant. Mr. Johnson also led the development of all marketing programs for the Westinghouse PCB Service Business, winning top Corporate Marketing Award.

As General Manager, led the Allis Chalmers Residential Transformer business from $18.0 to $30.0 million in sales—a doubling of market share and a tripling of volume, for the transformer product line.  These gains resulted from facility rearrangement and productivity improvement.  During this time employee population remained essentially unchanged. As Assistant to the Vice President of the Power Generation Division of Babcock and Wilcox, Doug helped chart the turnaround strategy for this very troubled business.  He led wide variety of problem identification, plan definition and progress monitoring efforts.

Mr Johnson developed the strategy and gained approval for a Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Service Business for Westinghouse.   The business involved the removal and disposal of PCBs from electrical equipment.  He grew the PCB Service business from $1.5 to $37.0 million sales, utilizing aggressive marketing plus joint ventures for added technology.  

Mr. Johnson has consulted hundreds of businesses, stretching across all sectors and markets, in his capacity as a Management Consultant. He is also proficient in software code and advanced mathematics.

Dr. Gerald Kurz, PhD

Dr. Gerald Kurz, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Gerald Kurz has more than 20 years experience in international enterprises technology; Jacobs Suchard, Knight Wendling and Gemini Consulting. He has also held active leading positions for logistic service enterprises as Kühne & Nagel in Switzerland and Dachser in Munich.

His core strengths are found in information technology for banking, accounting and logistics and, since 2000, has been Chief Executive Officer for Business Gateway AG, specifically concentrating in data connectivity and conversion systems.

Gerald’s academic studies include Ph.D., MBA, BBA and Dipl. Betriebswirt from Clemson University (USA), Graduate School of Business Administration in Zurich (Switzerland), University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg (Germany) and University of Pecs (Hungary).

Christopher Cantero Davidson

Christopher Cantero Davidson

Chief Operations Officer

Christopher may be the youngest chief officer on the Carbon Dollar X team, but his passion, vision and tenacity for business have made him a key component to achieving our goals: constantly driving the project forward.

Being a natural born entrepreneur, Mr. Davidson’s first professional venture situated him as co-founder and CEO to Gigi Ultra-Premium Vodka. His award-winning brand development and international operations management capabilities are only a few of the reasons Gigi Ultra-Premium Vodka was able to achieve such multinational presence and market attraction.

As an executive consultant to his own business consulting company, Christopher has made various successful contributions in competitive strategy, international operations, product and customer analytics, and many other services towards major organizations such as Agrupacio Assurances du Credit Mutuel, Vibe by Laws of Attraction and Suria Global Ltd amongst multiple others.

Christopher has traveled extensively throughout Europe, currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, and speaks English, Spanish, Catalan and German.

Ulrich F. Busch

Ulrich F. Busch

Multinational Enterprise Software Development and Data Communications

Dawn Lynn

Dawn Lynn

New Product Development and Systems Integration

Aniika Gjesvold

Aniika Gjesvold

IT Perimiter and Systems Security Engineer


Our mission is to perfect cryptocurrency. We intend to not only re-define cryptocurrency but also streamline the processes during all facets of trading and transitions that occur during all transactions on a global level. The platform that Carbon Dollar X is built upon is a premiere system that defines security, speed, fairness, fluidity and stability throughout.

The vision is to dominate the cryptocurrency marketplace and bring into existence a cyrptocurrency that becomes synonymous with major currencies with global acceptance. This currency will also promote worldwide economic growth, green bonds, organizational carbon credit agenda’s and governments to implement carbon offsetting projects.
Our objective is to not only help governments and nations collectively eliminate world debt through depositing Carbon Credits into Carbon Dollar X’s exchange platform and thereby issueing more into circulation, but to do so rewardingly by further preventing global warming from damaging the world and our environment.

Why Carbon Dollar X will pass the New York Fed's "Basic Test" and be the first truly successful cryptocurrency

“Cryptocurrency doesn’t pass the basic test of what a currency should be… it should be basically something with a store of value”
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